John On Fire Press Kit

John On Fire : A Man's Cat Taken

Press Kit

Date of Release:  4/1/2019 (Google Play)

Price : Free To Play (Ad Supported), One Time Purchase to unlock full game $3.99 IAP available (unlocks all game content, disables ads, includes all future bonus content added to game as well)




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John On Fire is a action adventure shoot em' up game taking place in in a crime riddled city. This top-down shooter puts you in the shoes of former hard-nosed detective John Mills as he dismantles the very organization that he could never bring down. When his old nemesis and boss pulls him out of retirement after his cat is taken from him, John must track down his beloved cat Mittens, and in the process, destroy a highly organized criminal enterprise. Featuring an engaging story, cinematic cut scenes, action packed game play, and a hilarious story that parodies the plot lines of some of Hollywood's action films and movies, John On Fire will leave you highly entertained.

Main Features:

  • Full Story driven, story mode with 40+ single player missions
  • Cinematic cut scenes complete with dialog options that affect the direction of conversations
  • 20+ side missions to unlock bonus weapons/guns/armor
  • Full Bluetooth controller / Gamepad support with re-mappable controls
  • No microtransactions
  • Fully functional offline, great for road trips or long plane rides
  • Top Down Shooter / Shooting game play with a strong focus on gun play
  • Bonus Zombie Survival Mode
  • Bonus Gang survival mode


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Player Reviews (Google Play 4.8 / 5 with 30 reviews)

"A shining example of how mobile games should be monetized. I have only played through the first few missions and I have bought the full version. The plot of the game is wacky but is light-heartedly serious in nature. Gameplay is quick but is satisfying." 

"Awesome, reminds me of the movies"

"Got easily hooked to this. GREAT GAME!!!!!"

"Wow really a blast, love the variety of missions and guns, well done."

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