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Angry Tweeter : Defender of America

Android Exclusive

He's a President by day and a tweeter by night. He's taken office and he's angry with what he's found. Unleash the birds of war (the American eagle) on social media. He's unbridled and unsilenced. He fight's for the American people and to make our country great again.

Let freedom reign and Make America Great Again!

Gameplay Features:
- Over 100 unique levels
- Familiar sling shot game play as other leading games
- Throw the American Eagle at those who despise freedom
- Sling shot social media messages at enemies of the administration
- Free, no In App purchases
- Play anywhere (play from the airplane, the toilet, anywhere. No internet connection required. This is an offline friendly game. Heck Broker diplomacy while sitting on the porcelain throne (after all, its a full time job)!)
- Extremely patriotic soundboard

Many Controversial Topics Covered:
- Exploit fake news
- Lay the law down on North Korea
- Put diplomatic pressure on Russia
- Defeat America's enemies
- Point out hypocrisy
- Rule out bias from government agencies
- Career politics
- Climate change
- And more!

Note that this game is a parody. It does not necessarily reflect the viewpoints held by the developers of this game. It is meant to be funny by being extremely over the top conservative and patriotic.

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